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Food by weight and take-away

Looking for a place with delicious food? At Hokus Pokus there is something for everyone, as the menu served is different every day. In our kitchen we create new, delicious dishes every day, which are a combination of well-known Polish flavours and those from around the world. Such an approach allows us to surprise our guests with freshness, quality ingredients and unique taste, at the specified price per 100g. Each client can choose from dishes served in bemars and decide on the size of the portion on their plate. It is an ideal solution for takeaways. We invite you to our restaurants in Białystok and Suwałki. Fast, healthy and home-made - the magic of taste only in Hokus Pokus!

Home-made meals to take-away or with delivery Hokus Pokus - Lipowa 37

Food for delivery from our kitchen is a way to dine for all those who do not have time to cook, but enjoy eating tasty and homemade food! Order our meals, prepared on the basis of Polish recipes and cuisines of the world. Every day we prepare fresh dishes which we deliver to Bialystok citizens from our Lipowa 37 location. Our menu is suitable for vegetarians, meat lovers and children. Ideal for dinner, quick lunch or a late supper. Hokus Pokus delivers delicious takeaway food to suit all budgets! Order online or by phone. Discover our current promotions and indulge yourself in exceptional dishes.